San Francisco, California – April 1, 2021. Safe Harbor LLP, California’s top-rated San Francisco tax CPA firm, is proud to announce new, humorous posts on the need for a professional tax preparation service for a high income individual with a complex return. complex individual tax preparation san FranciscoMany San Francisco residents are entrepreneurs and they may shortchange the need for a professional tax advisor when filing their taxes. The post explains that this might be a big mistake.

“Nearly everyone knows a guy or gal who does taxes, and sometimes these people are relatives or friends,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Our post explains that the cheapest may not be the best tax preparation service for a high income individual, especially those with a complex return.”

Interested persons can read the new posts at and at The first post explains that the firm works hard to minimize the tax bite to the fullest extent of the law, including with complex, individual returns and even those that have expatriate tax issues and/or international tax issues and/or business issues. The second post humorously explains that having a friend or relative “do one’s taxes” may not be the smartest decision. Persons with low skills may be able to a simple tax return, but a complex tax return with multi-state, international, expatriate, or business issues cannot just generally be done by a single individual. Finding a best-in-class tax preparation service in San Francisco should be a key objective.


Here is the background on this release. The more affluent an individual is, generally speaking, the more complex his or her tax return becomes. A lower income individual might just have W2 income, but a higher income individual might have a mix of W2 income, income from a business, stock options, or even more complex tax issues such as expatriate or international tax issues. The same goes for persons with corporate or business tax returns. A small, simple business might file the taxes as part of an individual return. A more complex business might be an “S” corporation, and even more complex return might be the “C” corporation or “LLC.” It all depends. Finding a San Francisco tax advisor who can file the taxes on time, minimize the tax bite, and strategize for the future should be a top priority.


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