May 31, 2019 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, recognized as one of the leading accounting firms for startups not only in San Francisco or the Bay Area but throughout California, is proud to announce a new post for entrepreneurs on the hot topic of finding a tax accountant for startups.

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Many startups are cash-strapped but idea-rich and need to find a savvy accounting firm that understands the special needs of entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups. Safe Harbor’s reputation among the startup and entrepreneurial community in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area or Silicon Valley has led the firm to create a short post on the topic.

“Startups often have great business ideas here in the Bay Area but can be overwhelmed by the accounting and tax planning issues,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Our tax services for startups including being their outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and advising them on how best to structure things such as stock options, buy/sell agreements, corporate structure, and other items so as to minimize taxes down the road.”

To read the post on finding the a tax accountant for Bay Area startups, please visit the website. The new post explains the basics startups need to follow and most importantly how to use a step-by-step methodology as they set up their startup and identify the best Bay Area accounting firms specializing in startups and new business ventures to help them with their needs. Indeed, as the post argues, many startups will be pleased to know that accounting firms such as Safe Harbor may be able to act as outsourced CFOs providing tax and accounting advice at reasonable rates.


Here is the background to this release. The startup and entrepreneurial scene in the San Francisco Bay Area is red-hot. Every day new startups form and new ideas are created, especially but not only in the technology sector. Established businesses like Lyft or Uber bring buzz to the Bay Area so that investors, key employees and entrepreneurs seek to form new corporations and business ventures. Startups, in short, are long on ideas and often short on tax know-how. For this reason, Safe Harbor has established itself as one of the best accounting firms in California for startups and has used its lively blog to share information for the startup community on how to best structure a corporation and minimize taxation down the road.

Indeed, the blog has an entire section on startup accounting issues and offers a no obligation consultation service for any business that has a serious need for tax and financial consulting. Another good online resource for persons in the business community is the business tax service landing page.


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