April 30, 2016 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, a top CPA and accounting firm in San Francisco, is proud to announce a renewed focus on IRS audit defense work, with the successful conclusion of the 2016 tax season. The reality, each year, is that from January to April, most CPA firms are preoccupied with tax return preparation as is the machinery of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. After tax season concludes, inbound inquiries begin to expand for help with IRS audit defense issues.

“The accounting business has its peaks and valleys,” explained Chun Wong, CPA, managing partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “Tax season, from January through April, is an obvious peak time. However, after that concludes, we see a spike in IRS audit defense work. For this reason we are announcing preparations to better serve this need.”

Preparations for IRS Audit Defense Work

First and foremost, the accounting firm is announcing a revised and updated page specific to IRS audit defense . The reality is that many consumers are not sure as to whether to contact an IRS Audit Defense San Franciscoattorney or a CPA firm, and this newly updated informational page makes Web-based research very easy. Second, the firm is clarifying that its efforts are not seen as competitive with San Francisco law firms that specialize in IRS audit defense but as complementary: often, the services of both are needed. Finally, the firm is clarifying by issuing this press release which will be cross-posted to its blog that persons facing an IRS audit, even if they are not currently clients of the accounting firm, can reach out for a no obligation consultation. While limited in time, a consultation can determine whether there is a good fit for both parties.

Increased IRS Enforcement

With the United States government deficit at near record levels, the Internal Revenue Service is clearly stepping up enforcement. Many individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area may receive notifications from the IRS that they are being audited. That audit can be a very simple thing, or it can be very complicated. Those who have complicated issues, such as not having filed their requisite tax returns, are urged to reach out to a professional accountant for advice. In addition, safe harbor CPA is known for its expertise in international tax affairs, and the IRS is clearly clear cracking down on those residents and citizens of the United States of America who have income and or assets located outside of the USA. The United States is one of the few countries with aggressive enforcement efforts vis-à-vis foreign income, as the USA is one of the few countries that subjects its citizens to taxation for income that is earned overseas.

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