Being an accountant or CPA often means that people have a stereotype. People think folks who love taxes, who understand double-entry bookkeeping, and who relish in the tussle and toss of the U.S. tax code… are well a) very serious, and b) even boring. But that is certainly not the case at Safe Harbor LLP, a collection of top San Francisco accountants. We take taxes very seriously: we work harder than ever for our business and high income clients to minimize their Federal and California taxes in this very serious environment of America c. 2013.

But Accountants Can (and do) Have Fun

Here are photos of our latest fishing trip to Alaska. Our lead CPA, Chun Wong, is an avid outdoorsman and has been known to bring back incredible halibut and some over-the-top fish stories from his trips to the great Up North.  Were he to drive, here is a link to directions from San Francisco to Anchorage, Alaska (3071 miles per Google maps).

Here are Some Fishing Photos: Accountants Can Have Fun (in Alaska)

San Francisco Accountants on an Alaska Fishing Trip


Big fish alert!  Below are more photo’s from our fishing trip.  At Safe Harbor LLP, we work hard and we play hard!



The guy in red might have been thinking about the tax code… or just enjoying the Alaska weather.  The guy on the right has his eye on the game.



Hello world!  I do tax, and know tax, and I am also a pretty darn good fisherman.




Moment of reflection…





View from the front of the boat.



Reeling her in…



Comraderie on board.




Fishing buddies.



Now that’s both a fish, and a fish story!




A welcome break from the tax code – accounting style!




Happy San Francisco Accountants Discover Alaska Fishing


If you ever get the chance, go to Alaska and enjoy some of America’s most beautiful natural scenery. And, when it’s time to talk tax, think accounting, and get the best service in accounting and San Francisco that can be found. Give us a call or send us an email. At Safe Harbor LLP, “We work harder for you.”

Work hard. Play hard. It’s a cliche, but it is true.

~ Fall, 2013