March 19, 2012. San Francisco, CA. Safe Harbor CPAs, a leading San Francisco CPA firm, announces improved tax services for San Francisco LLC and business partnerships. As tax deadlines loom, LLCs and partnerships face many logistical and tax challenges in order to minimize taxes paid. Services include free phone consultation, remote meetings via WebEx, safe, secure file exchange and upload and a wealth of web widgets such as break even calculators, debt service calculators, and calendar of tax deadlines.


“San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area generally are a hotbed of new and exciting businesses,” explains Chun Wong, CPA, managing partner at Safe Harbor. “We focus strongly on businesses at Safe Harbor, not only corporations but LLC companies (Limited Liability Companies) and partnerships. Both LLC’s and Partnerships face later tax deadlines and differences from traditional C-Corp’s or S-Corps. We are very excited about our business services such as WebEx meetings and secure file exchanges.”


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    LLCs and Business Partnerships Tax Services in San Francisco

    Business formation is as much art as science. Many new businesses choose the LLC (Limited Liability Company) format, and many existing businesses may already be formed as a partnership between individuals. Each has specific regulatory, accounting, and tax issues, especially in a high regulatory and tax state like California and the city of San Francisco. Safe Harbor’s improved services start with a free phone consult, wherein the business owner can discuss their bookkeeping, accounting, and tax planning needs and where Safe Harbor’s CPAs can explain the broad outlines of tax issues.


    WebEx is a web meeting platform that allows Safe Harbor CPAs to meet online with clients anywhere in the world, not just San Francisco, California, and be very time efficient. Secure file sharing and uploads allows business LLC and partnership clients to share sensitive corporate and tax documents in a secure online environment. These services by Safe Harbor CPA make the firm a leader in CPA accounting and tax services in San Francisco. The firm combines friendly, personal service with leading edge technology – the kind of efficiency that LLC’s and partnerships truly need and enjoy.


    About Safe Harbor CPAs – San Francisco Tax Preparation Service

    Safe Harbor CPAs specializes in Small Business Financial Consulting Services and Business Management Consulting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a locally-owned and operated CPA firm, Safe Harbor CPAs focuses on bringing in new clients by winning over the hearts and minds of business owners and individuals, one client at a time. The firm provides bookkeeping, income tax preparation, and accounting services for companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and beyond.


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