June 28, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, a leading CPA firm in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce yet another Yelp milestone, as the firm tops fifty four reviews on Yelp with a four star review average. Many San Francisco residents turn to Yelp to identify the best accounting firms in the city, and Safe Harbor LLP is justifiably proud of its Yelp presence.

San Francisco CPAs on Yelp

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“Yelp is difficult for any CPA firm, and especially so for a CPA firm that is aggressive yet reasonable when it comes to taxes, accounting, and CPA services for San Francisco clients,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “We’re proud to top fifty four reviews on Yelp, and proud to have an aggregate four star rating, even though we have some negative reviews. Not everyone has realistic expectations about taxes and accounting, and it’s OK that we don’t please every person yet we do fervently please quite a few.”

Persons who would like to view Safe Harbor CPAs and Tax Consultant reviews on Yelp, can visit the Yelp page. To view reviews on Google. And to review them on the firm’s website, visit https://www.safeharborcpa.com/testimonials/.


Here is background on this release. While Safe Harbor LLP is firmly committed to Yelp and recognizes the rights of the Yelp community to share their opinions, the firm also argues that taxes, accounting, and CPA services are pretty tough for some in the Yelp community. No one likes taxes, and even fewer people are happy when an accountant “tells it like it is,” and explains the tax situation. A few people will “shoot the proverbial messenger” and leave non-substantiated yet bad reviews. That’s just how it is, online and on Yelp. But even more important, many reasonable and happy customers do, and have, left very positive reviews of Safe Harbor LLP on social media. But, most importantly, the only review that truly matters is the one that relates to the individual getting his or her taxes done. Safe Harbor works hard in a very detailed and systematic way to be the best CPA firm in San Francisco, and an Internet search for Yelp CPA reviews is just one way to begin. The most important next step is to reach out for a consultation on one’s business or personal tax or CPA needs.


Safe Harbor LLP is a CPA firm that specializes in accounting and tax services for individuals and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and greater California. Safe Harbor CPAs helps both individuals and businesses with tax preparation, IRS audit defense, and audited financial statements. The firm prides itself on friendly yet professional service and utilizes state-of-the-art Internet technology to provide quality customer service.

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Photo credit: kenteegardin via Foter.com / CC BY-SA