We at Safe Harbor CPAs are incredibly proud of the San Francisco Giants as the 2012 World Series Champions! We love San Francisco and its spirit. So in the spirit of fun – showing how taxes and baseball are really quite alike, here is our list of the Top Ten Similarities Between the San Francisco Giants and Safe Harbor CPAs

      10. The MLB ballplayers including the SF Giants have complicated tax returns; we at Safe Harbor CPAs are experts on tax strategies for professional athletes.

      9. The Giants have great San Francisco fans, and Safe Harbor CPAs have great clients.

      8. From spring training through the World Series, the Giants play in several ballparks in different cities throughout the US; likewise Safeharbor CPAs work with clients that do business in states outside California and outside the US.

      7. The Giants rely on a late inning pitching specialists to get through close games; Safeharbor CPAs rely on the technical expertise of their experienced San Francisco staff to deliver innovative tax and consulting strategies to win clients.

      6. Practice makes perfect. The SF Giants never give up, and Safe Harbor CPAs never gives up when it comes to identifying legal tax deductions to save San Francisco Bay Area clients every penny.

      5. Each San Francisco Giant player is unique – down to the crazy beards and wardrobes, and so every San Francisco tax or CPA client of Safe Harbor is unique with his or her unique tax and business interests.

      4. A shutout in Baseball is as rare as a shutout in tax preparation and planning, but that doesn’t mean one can’t try!

      3. A typical baseball game might have nine innings, but can go on and on if one isn’t careful; a typical tax return might just have a few pages, but it – too – can go on and on if one isn’t careful. We at Safe Harbor close them down promptly and properly.

      2. San Francisco is a strange baseball town according to Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press; Tax law is a strange world and at Safe Harbor CPA we don’t even have to ask a reporter from Detroit.

      1. The San Francisco Giants have a talented team; we at Safe Harbor have the same.

Go Giants! ~ Safe Harbor CPAs, October 30, 2012. Email us or give us a call at (415) 742-4249 and we are happy to conduct a free 15 minute tax consultation. Mention you are a Giants Fan for special positive energy!