There are many large businesses in San Francisco and the Bay Area such as Twitter and Yelp which get all the press. However, there are thousands upon thousands of small businesses – Mom & Pop affairs – that are probably more in need of tax advice than the “big boys”.

Small business CPA in San Francisco.

Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via / CC BY-ND

The reason for that is that the Twitters of this world can afford to employ in-house tax accountants who work for them full time, but that cannot be said of the small businesses. Many San Francisco business owners such as restaurant owners, hair dressers, real estate agents, bakers, and more, work full time in their businesses all day – or night – and then return home to keep the books after they have finished work.

They also work extremely hard. For example, some restaurant owners are up early to go to market, work all day and into the evening until closing at 11.00 pm, then have to clear up before going home, only to start all over again in the morning. Some of them do this seven days a week.

We Take Care Of All Your Tax Affairs – Even Including Bookkeeping

As a small business CPA in San Francisco we can help you by taking care of all your tax affairs, including your bookkeeping if you wish. Many small business owners love what they do but cannot abide dealing with all the paperwork that is involved. This is where we come in at Safe Harbor CPAs and Tax Consultants. We love dealing with figures and working through the maze of tax legislation to get the right result for our clients. By right result we mean ensuring that our clients pay the absolute minimum amount of tax that they should pay and not a penny more.

We all have to pay our taxes, but there is no reason to pay more than the amount demanded, and we work extremely hard on our clients’ behalf in order to make certain that they don’t. Our job as a small business CPA in San Francisco is to find a pathway through all the mass of legislation – some of which is archaic, to say the least – to get the right result for every client and we get enormous satisfaction from achieving that.

In turn, our clients love it also. It means that they can get on with what they love to do, be it bricklaying, hair dressing, cooking, dentistry, auto repairs, or whatever, in the certain knowledge that we are dealing with all of the paperwork on their behalf, ensuring that their tax returns are presented on time, and that they pay the correct amount. This way the IRS gets what it demands and everyone is happy. As a small business CPA in San Francisco that is what we achieve for clients across the board.

Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via / CC BY-ND