The new year the new year is of course a time of resolutions. We have many small business clients who come to us in San Francisco looking for one of the most friendly small business accounting firms in the San Francisco, one that focuses on the needs of San Francisco small businesses. The average small business owner is so busy just running his or her business, that they have little time to look forward to the future.

Part of our job is to advise them on financial matters, and to keep an eye towards the future. Here are some tips for the small business owner, to look forward to for 2015.

Tips for the San Francisco Small Business

San Francisco Small Business AccountingFirst and foremost, make sure that you complete all the required government forms. The early part of the year is time to complete your bookkeeping, and of course send the W-2 forms to employees as well as any 1099 forms that need to be filed. We can help with that, of course. Second, many businesses are partnerships and we do a lot of work with San Francisco partnerships, as well as small corporations, and in those situations you need what is called a buy sell agreement. Make sure that you thought about a transition strategy.

Of course, if you are incorporated, you may need to hold meetings, and be sure to hold those meetings! Finally, marketing is an ever important challenge for the small business, especially in San Francisco. But we are so fortunate to be a center of technology, and in today’s marketplace you are looking for social media and search engine optimization consulting, and those are something to consider as well. So review your website, and think about search engine optimization services.  We are fortunate in the Bay Area to have institutions such as the Bay Area Video Coalition or AcademyX that offer training and classes in Internet marketing.

In sum, we can certainly help with your tax planning as you look forward to the new year, and we can even be your best annoying friend, as we remind you of all of the tax deadlines and regulatory reporting requirements that face your small business. Our job is to make your job easier, so please give us a call!