Here’s some more food-for-thought on the financial issues facing Bay Area startups. Many startups begin with attorney advice, the advice of friends, and sometimes what is called the FFF stage (Friends, Family, and Fools) when it comes to money. But we at Safe Harbor LLP want you to be smart. We want you to focus on your brave new idea, and let us be your outside CFO. We act as such for many innovative new small businesses here in San Francisco, both tech- and non-tech.

What are the Advantages to Using Safe Harbor LLLP as Your Startup CFO?

  1. We are tax experts. We know tax. Our CPA’s have spent years understanding US and California tax law, including financial tax compliance for international businesses. We know much more about taxes and tax compliance than you probably ever will (or ever want to). Our experts can become your (inside) experts.
  2. We are startup experts. We have worked with many San Francisco startups seeking a CPA firm specializing in startups, or an accountant specializing in startups, or just a guy specializing in startups. We are professional and yet we are down-to-earth. We understand startup culture, but we also understand the thicky wicket (that’s a tax term) of tax planning and tax compliance).
  3. San Francisco Startup and CFO'sWe are outsiders. (That’s a good thing). We are not your friends. We are not your college buddies. We are not your mom, or your dad, or you.  We are outside advisors, independent of you. That means we can tell you like it IS, not necessarily how you might want it to be. We can provide the cold-hearted but realistic advice you might not get from your college roommate you took a few accounting classes.
  4. We can grow with your firm. We can advise you when you’re really small (just you, starting a business with an idea), or can grow with you as your firm expands. We work with companies of all sizes.

If you are a San Francisco startup, consider some of the advantages of having an outside CFO (Chief Financial Officer). This is one of the better services we offer, and it can be very very cost-competitive against having a full-time CFO as well as better than having your college roommate attempt to do this (nothing against your college roommate, but a couple classes in accounting… and he’s going to advise you as the next Twitter, or Facebook – seriously)?

Safe Harbor LLP: Your Startup CFO

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