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We advertise our San Francisco tax preparation services on Google AdWords, which is Google’s online advertising system. One of the advantages of using online advertising is that we get a window into how our customers search for tax services such as our own. Like good accountants, we are detail oriented, and we periodically examine the keyword queries that are used to learn something about the perspectives of our clients. Our clients are never wrong, in the sense that however they search is how they search and we want to understand that in a very systematic fashion.

Now, however, this is not a blog about Google AdWords. Rather this is a blog about tax preparation, accounting, and the services provided by one of the best CPA firms in San Francisco. Accordingly, we often see that many people search Google using the phrase “near me,” as in “accounting firms near me,” or “tax preparation services near me,” or “CPAs near me.” Now, at the risk of being a bit pedantic, let’s dive into this phrase “near me.”

The Best Tax Preparation Service in San Francisco May / May Not be “Near Me”

We, here in San Francisco in particular, and in the Bay Area in general, lives in what is arguably the most technologically advanced region in the United States. Everyone has a mobile phone, everyone has high-speed Internet, and half the population, or at least so it seems, works at a technology company. Our clients come to us for the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, and even if they work in downtown, it’s no big deal that our office is not in downtown. Using email, Web services like WebEx or GotoMeeting, we can easily exchange data. Often times, it takes only one face-to-face meeting, if that, to engage with a client. In fact, because we are known as the best international CPA firm in San Francisco, we have many clients that are not in San Francisco at all, but rather travel between other countries and the bay area frequently.

The point of all this is, while you may search for the best tax preparation service “near you,” or “near me,” to set the phrase according to Google, the reality is that what you really should search for is the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, and the physical proximity of us to you is not that important.

But, the customer is never wrong, and if you search for us by searching for accountants near me, that’s okay, too. We’d love to see you face-to-face in our beautiful San Francisco offices, but a web chat by video is also okay, too!

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