Welcome to February, 2015! Tax season is in full swing, as we prepare corporate returns and look forward to individual returns following shortly thereafter. That said, it’s always important to look to the future, and plan for it. This month’s lively newsletter covers many important topics for small businesses in particular. To download the February, 2015, San Francisco Tax Tips newsletter, simply click here.

Safe Harbor Client Bulletin - Tax Tips for San Francisco

Safe Harbor February, 2015, Newsletter: Contents

  • Renting vs. Buying a Home – real estate is sky high again in San Francisco, and throughout the Bay Area. Should you rent? Or buy?
  • Income Annuities in Employer Retirement Plans – Annuities are all the rage in retirement planning, after the disruptions of the Great Recession… are they for you?
  • When Workers are Independent Contractors – Contractor or employee?  You decide (well, actually the IRS decides).

Tax Calendar: Upcoming Tax Deadlines for San Francisco Businesses and Residents

Finally, our client bulletin has a handy list of tax deadlines such as the individual tax deadline looming on April 15th, as well as tax deadlines for San Francisco based businesses.

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