January 31, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, considered the leading boutique CPA and accounting firm in San Francisco for business and corporate tax preparation, is proud to announce preparations for what is anticipated to be one of the busiest tax seasons on record. San Francisco Bay Area businesses are anxious and a bit confused in light of the Trump tax changes, yet most of these changes do not impact 2017 tax events.

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“The Republican tax changes are very significant to California taxpayers, both businesses and individuals,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “However, despite media hype, these changes do not impact 2017 tax events. Accordingly, we are announcing new measures to be ready for what is anticipated to be a very busy tax preparation season as businesses and high income clients look backwards to 2017 and forward to the 2018 tax situation.”

First, persons seeking a general overview to the firm’s business and corporate tax preparation should visit the website or call the CPA firm. On the website, those who are interested in getting advice on how to take advantage of the 2018 tax changes are urged to click on the black “Consultation” button to request a confidential, individualized tax consultation. Second, the firm is announcing priority phone and consultation support for January and February for those persons owning a business or corporation and needing tax preparation services for 2017 tax events. They are encouraged to call the firm at 415-742-4249, or when submitting a Web request to indicate “2017 tax preparation” in the subject line. Third, these measures are being announced as necessary as the firm juggles the needs of existing clients (for both past tax events and tax planning for 2018) against those of prospective new clients (those needing immediate tax preparation services), and those who are seeking to understand and optimize against the Trump tax code changes.

“One thing is certain about the Trump tax changes,” quipped Wong, “Donald Trump and the Republicans have focused the attention of everyone in business on the impact of the tax code on take-home profits.”


Here is background on this release. Despite the media frenzy around the Trump tax changes, the reality is that for this year’s tax preparation season, nothing has changed. Current tax law is in effect for the 2017 tax year, and thus preparations are underway to manage the preparation of both federal and California tax forms for clients. Indeed, Safe Harbor LLP has garnered a reputation as one of the best CPA firms in San Francisco for businesses and high income individuals as well as so-called “expats,” those who may live in California but need to file complicated tax returns that deal with international tax issues. Many Canadians have discovered Safe Harbor LLP as an ideal accounting firm for expat tax preparation. Persons seeking to learn more about expat tax issues. The reality with the new tax changes is that an individual consultation and evaluation is needed; no corporation, business, or individual is exactly alike, and so the impact of the Trump tax changes will vary based on each unique situation.


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