When you run any sort of business in San Francisco, you have to prepare a tax return. Even if you make a loss and don’t owe any tax, you still need to prepare a tax return and provide proof that you don’t need to pay anything.California CPA firms

However, since the pandemic, the tax laws have become ever more complex. Sometimes this is in a good way because of possible tax deductions, but often in a bad way because of new tax hikes. And expect more, especially after the presidential election, whoever wins.  But your problem is, when you own a business, that you can’t keep up with all the changes, which is precisely why you need a San Francisco business tax preparation service such as the facilities that we provide at Safe Harbor.

Our job – from your point of view – is very simple: it is to ensure that you pay the absolute minimum amount of tax and not a cent more.

If Only It Were That Simple!

Hiring a Professional to do Your Tax Returns

Unfortunately, tax law is extremely complex and gets more so by the week. What you could claim for last week you can’t this week and vice versa.  In some ways, we are similar to healthcare. For instance, your local doctor is probably quite good at diagnosing flu or high blood pressure and can prescribe you some pills. Job done.

However, if you have a brain disorder or other serious problem, he will refer you to a specialist because he doesn’t have the skills required to carry out the surgery you need. He may know what you need but can’t do it himself.

And when it comes to your business and your tax liability, it’s much the same. You need the services of a San Francisco business tax preparation service such as ours because we do have the skills that you need.

What’s more, we keep up with all the changes that keep happening. We are not saying that it is easy because it isn’t. But it’s our job to ensure that every client we have pays the absolute minimum amount of tax that is due.

So we keep track of all the twists and turns that can happen. Furthermore, unlike some countries where the only issue is the equivalent of federal taxes, in the US we have state taxes and local taxes as well.

Add to that the fact that you may possibly have income from Canada, India, Japan – or for that matter, Bonga Bonga Island (whatever that might be) – and you can see how complicated things can become.

And that is why you need us at Safe Harbor as your trusted San Francisco business tax preparation service.