It seems social media is rife with misunderstandings creating unnecessary angst in people. Someone posts a snarky comment and then someone else misreads the post and fires back with a nasty reply. This downhill posting string creates a tangle of attacks and confusion.

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The truth is in there somewhere, but it gets lost in unclear language and bombast. Sometimes it’s best to take a breath before getting caught up in the drama.

Funny, but we’ve seen this type of mess outside the realm of social media. Nothing can make the blood pressure boil more than an IRS audit defense situation in San Francisco. The problem begins with a nasty audit letter noting wrong doing with a list of accusations and fines. A person could be charged with misrepresenting income on a W2. Sometimes a letter notes suspiciously inflated charitable deductions. This finger-pointing can easily put someone on the defense. We want to let you know, there is no reason to get worked up and start firing back angry replies. Call Safe Harbor CPAs instead. Our tax professionals are experts at IRS audit defense in San Francisco.

IRS Audit Defense: A CPA Firm Can Help

Responding to an IRS audit notice doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Safe Harbor team understand most discrepancies are easy to find and fix. Simple, honest mistakes could have sent that red flag resulting in an IRS audit letter. For instance, if a Schedule C filing for a Bay Area high income earner has a few miscalculations, it can launch a tax audit. Our San Francisco tax professionals know how to quickly calm down the situation with a 1040X. Quick action by our tax consulting team will clear up the confusion right away.

We also understand the government doesn’t always get it right. There are people on the other side who make honest mistakes as well.  As experts in IRS audit defense in San Francisco, we’ve experienced plenty of moments when a letter turned out to be a computer glitch.

It’s not our place to judge, just get to the truth and solve the problems for our clients. Remember, an IRS letter doesn’t have to create unneeded chaos, just reach out to our CPA firm in the Bay Area and let us help. We can examine your situation and offer an estimate.

Whether it’s IRS audit defense in San Francisco, or a heated posting argument on social media, it’s best to step back and allow a cooler head to prevail. Safe Harbor can help clear up the communication.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via / CC BY