So you work for a Bay Area startup. Perhaps you are employee #12 at Twitter, or employee #175 at LinkedIn, or #56 at Yelp. You have a bunch of stock options, and you are nearing the ability to exercise those stock options. What are the tax implications? How can you minimize the taxes on stock options?

Or perhaps you are starting a startup… (Starting a startup – that’s funny). At any rate, you are starting a startup here in San Francisco or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, and you want to structure your stock option compensation for yourself or key employees to minimize the tax implications.

We Can Help

Stock OptionsWe help many, many San Francisco startups with their accounting and tax planning needs, among them stock options. Stock options have many tax implications.  Each situation is unique, so relax. Contact us at the numbers at the top of the screen, or send us an email via this website, and we’ll work with you (whatever your stock option situation is), to minimize your tax implications.

Now get back to work: your startup is waiting.  (We’ll take care of the stock option vs. tax complexities).

Want to read something really dry? Try this tax topic #427 at the IRS on stock options. This fun-filled article explains the differences between statutory stock options and nonstatutory stock options.