If you have ever wondered why your business in San Francisco, California, gets charged so much tax, it is because successful businesses are where the money is and the government wants as much of it as possible.Businesses get charged a lot of tax here in San Francisco, California

Sure, people who work for a wage get charged tax too, but with a few exceptions, there is a limit to how much they can earn. That in turn means that there is a limit to how much tax the government can get from them.

However, when you run a successful business and keep expanding it, your revenue keeps going up and up. That means that there is more and more money there, and the government wants as much of it as it can get. In other words, when your business is successful because you work hard to make it so, the government wants to charge you more for working hard! Fair? You be the judge.

The Laws Are As Complicated As Possible here in California

Of course, to make matters worse, the government – the State of California, the City of San Francisco, and of course our friends at the IRS – also makes the tax laws as complicated as possible in the hope that you’ll throw your hands in the air and just give up and pay it without a fight. And a lot of SF businessmen do: they take the view that it is better to pay it and carry on making more money than spend hours or days trying to figure out how to sort out the figures so that they pay the absolute minimum.

That’s why you need a business tax accountant in San Francisco such as ourselves at Safe Harbor. Our CPAs and accountants have a complete understanding of tax law for business in the US and we know how to find our way through the complex mass of legislation that is rather like a maze. In a maze, there is a way out, but it is made as difficult as possible for you to find it.

You may think we’re strange, or even a little weird, but we actually get a great deal of pleasure from winding our way through our business clients’ books and figuring out the best way to ensure that every client pays the absolute minimum required by law, and not a cent more. That’s what we do, and it’s why each of us trained to become a business tax accountant in San Francisco in the first place. We enjoy beating the tax man.

From your point of view, using us as your business tax accountant in San Francisco is just plain common sense. Let’s say you make 2.5% net profit in your business for the year. And let’s say that we charge you $5,000 to do your tax return. Let’s also say that we save you $10,000 that you would otherwise have had to give to the IRS. That’s $5,000 that goes straight back on your bottom line.

That’s the same as doing another $200k in turnover. Make sense?