Are you an investor? Do you like risk (and reward), or are you a more conservative tip? Ben Franklin said that nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes. So your investments may go up, or they may go down… but especially if they go up Uncle Sam will likely take his cut of your profits. That said, there are many strategies available to limit your tax issues when it comes to investments. We help many clients here in San Francisco optimize their retirement and investment strategies to minimize taxes.

San Francisco Tax Bulletin, 2014This month’s bulletin starts out with an article called “The Risks of Riskless Investing.” Sound paradoxical? Read our bulletin to learn how a “riskless” investment in US Treasury bonds can be more risky than you’d think!

A second issue is inheritance: the difference between inherited assets and gifts. Again, if you are doing estate planning, you’ll want to work with a CPA firm to minimize the tax implications of inheritance. Why give to Uncle Sam when you can give to your, hopefully, more deserving sons, daughters, nieces and nephews! Finally, we turn to small business tax issues. Many San Francisco Bay Area people own small businesses, and they want to have in place what are called “Buy-Sell” agreements. These spell out what happens if the business owners part ways.

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