If you are looking for a tax accountant in San Francisco, you want nothing short of the best, and that doesn’t always mean the biggest.

San Francisco Accounting Firms

In fact, some of the biggest firms of tax accountants are not the best because they have grown too big. By that we mean that when you are dealing with them you don’t deal with a partner in the firm because they only handle their very largest clients, so you have to deal with someone further down the line who is only an employee. That employee may not have the skills of a senior partner – and indeed probably does not.

Here at Safe Harbor we are not the biggest tax accountants in San Francisco, which means that you can talk to the managing partner, Chun Wong, if you need to. He is always here to help and advise you and oversee your tax return in order to make certain that you pay the minimum amount of tax possible. We don’t like paying tax either – in fact we hate it – and we don’t see why anyone else should pay a cent more than the absolute minimum, which is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t. Just preparing your tax return is not sufficient: it has to be right, down to the last cent.

Business Interests Overseas

If you have business interests overseas or income from abroad, we are specialists in that area too. We undertake a lot of work for clients with interests in Canada, China, Israel, India, and Western Europe. Whether you are a US citizen, permanent resident, or a foreigner residing in the US, it is essential that you talk with an accountant who specializes in international tax.

We work with a wide range of different businesses and provide them with our expertise and tax preparation services for their overseas income. Our expert CPAs in San Francisco work with S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, and partnerships of all different sorts.

Of course, in the Bay Area, many foreign corporations send their executives here on assignments which may be for a few months or a few years, and if you live here for any length of time you may very well incur tax liabilities here even though you are not a permanent resident.

You could even have 100% of your income here in the Bay Area yet still be a citizen of another country such as China or Israel. You could have part of your income from abroad and have tax liabilities both here and in your home country. It is important to work with a tax accountant in San Francisco who understands all the implications.