San Francisco Dual Citizens or Expatriate Tax Preparation


San Francisco is a city of amazing cultural diversity. Many of its residents come from abroad – some become US citizens, some become permanent residents, and some retain dual citizenship. Did you know that as a US citizen or resident alien, you have a legal obligation to file US tax returns each year on your worldwide income?


Safe Harbor CPAs celebrates the diversity of San Francisco, and the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in helping dual citizens or expatriates with their tax returns. We can help US citizens, permanent residents or others who have both US and foreign income tax issues to optimize their tax strategies in a legal way to avoid paying taxes where possible.


San Francisco and the Bay Area are home to people from all over the world. Let us help you be a citizen of the world, but also fulfill your obligations to the IRS (as cheaply as legally possible!).


We can help identify several income tax benefits that might apply if you meet certain requirements while living abroad. Please contact us today at (415) 742-4249 – our San Francisco-based Tax Preparation specialists and CPAs are ready to help!