Everyone wants to be the best. There’s the best sushi restaurant in San Francisco, there’s the struggle to be the best taqueria in the Bay Area, and, of course, there’s the struggle to be the best baseball team, whether that might be the Oakland A’s or the San Francisco Giants.

San Franciscans are a competitive lot! They want to look their best, drive the best car, live in the best neighborhood, and see and be seen in the best restaurants. Well, as tax season heats up, there is the struggle both to find, and to be, the best tax preparer in San Francisco.

Now, it’s hardly objective as to what is the best sushi restaurant, as the sushi that you might like might be quite different from the sushi that I might like. As for choosing the best baseball team, well, there is an objective standard in terms of the score at the end of the game, or at the end of the World Series. We hope, of course, that the San Francisco Giants make it into the World Series in 2019!

You might think that a tax preparer would have an objective answer as to who is the best tax preparer. But you would be mistaken. You can go to a really aggressive tax preparer, and he or she might save you a lot of money in the short run, but in the long run, you could get audited by the IRS and slapped with a lot of terrible fines and worse. Or, you could go to a very conservative tax preparer, and pay a lot of money up front, but sleep soundly at night.

Additionally, some tax preparers are optimized for easy to prepare W-2 taxes. We refer to these tax preparers as the big-box tax preparers. They do not really have super trained staff, and they don’t deal with things that are unusual. They’re all about quick, and fast, and they’re very good if you have a very simple situation. That is if you are just John or Jane Doe and you have W-2 income and that’s it, then, by all means, go to one of the big-box San Francisco tax preparers who seem to sprout up like mushrooms after the California rains.

Tax Preparation for San Francisco Businesses

But, if you are a business owner, or perhaps you have international tax exposure, or you have anything that is complicated such as income from a startup, or perhaps you have stock options, then finding the best San Francisco tax preparer means finding a tax preparer who understands these types of issues.

We do not do taxes for everyone! We specialize on international taxes, such as expatriate tax return preparation in California. We specialize on business and corporate tax return preparation in SF. We specialize on doing taxes for high income individuals who may own one home, and then on yet another home as an income property. We are not the most aggressive tax preparation service, as we want our clients to sleep soundly at night. But, then, on the other hand, we are not the kind of tax preparation service that is passive.

Our goal is to know the taxes in a very detailed way, and to minimize your taxes to the greatest extent of the law. If you are looking for a San Francisco tax preparer who focuses on business and or high income individuals, then give us a call. Our goal is to be the best San Francisco tax preparer, not for everyone, but for you!

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