Let’s face it. We love Canada! Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north, is a country that we in the United States must admire. First and foremost, the stereotype of Canadians is generally true. Canadians are very friendly. Second, if you’ve ever been to Canada, you will marvel at how clean and well organized it is. Many of the things that are problems in the United States just seem to work in Canada. Third, Canada is a country of great natural beauty.

Canadians in San Francisco

Canadian Citizen Tax Service in San FranciscoHowever, let’s face it, there are a lot of Canadians who come to San Francisco to work! Why is that? Whether it’s Twitter or LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google, many of the largest Internet or computer related companies are here in the San Francisco bay area. That draw in and of itself brings international visitors and international workers to the bay area, often or months at a time.

Another connection is that Canada itself is a strong technology country. Many firms that are based in the United States such as Microsoft or Google also have strong employment bases in Canada. Therefore they mingle their employees across borders. Let’s face it! The world is getting smaller and smaller and the border between the United States and Canada is more and more irrelevant in today’s world.

Canada and our CPA Firm: Tax Services for Canadian Citizens Working in the USA

Will why all this talk about Canada? We are after all one of the top rated CPA firms in San Francisco, and why do we care about Canada? The reason, is that we have many clients who are Canadian expatriates who have income in both countries, property in both countries, and strategic tax planning issues concerning their income in taxes and property between the two great nations of the United States and Canada.

We have excellent relationships with accountants and law firms in Canada, and work hand in glove with these firms so that we can use our expertise about United States tax laws and Canadian citizens, and they can use their expertise about Canadian citizens who are working in the United States

We are known as one of the top international tax services in San Francisco, and that extends to the complicated yet friendly relationship between Canada and the United States. If you are a Canadian citizen living in the bay area, or anywhere in California, and you’re looking for a tax service or CPA firm that truly understands the tax needs of Canadian citizens residing in the United States, give us a call.

We love Canada! In fact, we love Canada so much we even love working on Canadian tax issues.