Hey Google, ‘Where’s a Tax Service Near Me?’ Hey Siri, ‘What’s the best tax service in San Francisco?‘ San Francisco is a city of tech, and that means it’s a city of iPhones and Android phones, and people Googling to find the ‘best tax service,’ and the ‘best tax service near me.’ We’re not kidding.  That phrase – ‘tax service near me’ – shows up near the top of many a Google service. (Just try typing ‘tax service’ into Google and pay attention to the auto-suggest’).

Tax Service Near Me


But you’re kidding, aren’t you? Are you going to find a tax service the same way that you find a restaurant near you, or an ATM near you? Looking for a San Francisco ATM can be pretty hard; but there really is little to no difference among ATMs, unless of course you worry about those transaction fees. (Those add up). But choosing a tax service is NOT like choosing an ATM or a gas station. You want to find the best tax service in San Francisco, and that means different things to differen people.

Using Google to Find the Best San Francisco Tax Service

Ok, you love Google – we get that. Ok, you love your smart phone – we get that. Ok, you love Siri (You should really discuss this with your girlfriend). Here are some tips on using Google to find the best tax service in San Francisco for you.

Tip #1 – Define what YOU need and what TYPE of tax service best fits your needs. For example, if you are a high income single earner or you are a low income single earner – those are very different situations. There are even free tax services in San Francisco for really low income individuals, vs. high-end tax services like Safe Harbor, that cater to the needs of high income individuals with complex tax needs. Or, if you are a business, you need a tax service that does business taxes. Or if you have investments overseas, you need a service that can cope with the complexity of International tax.

Tip #2 – Define what service(s) you need. Is it bookkeeping? Is it just a tax preparation? Or is it a long-term strategic relationship? Each has value, and be prepared to query the tax service on what they do.

Tip #3 – Find someone near you (or not). They don’t really need to be that near you. With the Internet, we can service people anywhere on Earth, but of course we primarily provide tax services to San Francisco Bay Area clients.  Realistically, you might meet with us once a year – so a ‘tax service near me’ isn’t nearly as important as a tax service that has the skills you need.

Refined Google Searches

Based on the above, here are some typical Google searches that might bring you a better set of potential CPA firms and tax services –

San Francisco tax services for small businesses
San Francisco tax services for high income individuals
San Francisco tax services specializing in stock options
San Francisco tax services specializing in International tax

And so on and so forth. Google is great for really specific queries.  Use them.

Next steps – first, create a decision set of two to three CPA firms and/or tax services.  Contact them by email or phone, and request a free phone consult. Interview them about their services vs. your needs. Check their reviews online. Make sure that they have expertise in your needs, and that they are willing and able to meet. Inquire about their fee structure. Selecting the best tax service ‘near you’ really means selecting the best tax service – and that, my friend, is a very unique proposition. There is no single best tax service ‘near you’ (or ‘near me’ as you might ask Siri).   You’re looking for the best match – and for that, Google is just a starting point. Good luck!