When you run a business in San Francisco, even if it is only a small business such as a restaurant or jewelers, you have all sorts of issues. San Francisco tax advisorThere are many problems to deal with, such as paying rent, getting more customers, deliveries, packaging goods for postal delivery, ordering fresh vegetables, ordering meat and fish, cooking, protecting your premises from burglary, making sure you have enough stock, hiring staff, paying staff – the list goes on and on and on.

But even though you have all those sorts of things to deal with, probably the worst thing – especially if you are a new business – is getting to the end of the year and being faced with filling out your tax return. Where do you start? You’re a jeweler or a chef for heaven’s sake, not a trained accountant. You need a tax advisor who works in San Francisco and knows its laws, as well as those of the state of California and the IRS.

OK, if you just have W2-based tax returns then you can use one of those “big box” tax prep services downtown. That’ll do nicely. But when you have a business, even if it’s only a small one, it is going to be far more complicated than that. You have federal taxes, state taxes, and local taxes. There are things that you can claim for, things that you can’t claim for, and things that you may – or may not – be able to claim for. And how do you know which is what, especially if you are a new business and just coming to the end of your first year. Have you made a profit, or have you made a loss? Do you even know?

Starting A New Business Is Something To Be Admired

Starting a new business is a great idea and is to be acknowledged and congratulated. Businesses are what keep our economy going. But unfortunately, the government sees businesses as a cash cow, ready for milking, so that politicians can “pour” money down the drain on all sorts of ridiculous schemes.

This is why you need a San Francisco tax expert who can help you through all the myriad twists and turns of the tax systems. You might be a great chef and restaurateur. At Safe Harbor we may be a great San Francisco tax expert, but we have to say that we are useless at cooking. So we come to you when we want a great meal.

Dare we say it, but you are possibly useless when it comes to tax returns! That is not by any manner of means meant to be insulting or detrimental. You could even be a great chef and your hobby is keeping up with tax legislation, but it is not all that likely. You trained as a chef. We trained as a San Francisco tax expert.

We need you when we want a great evening out. You need us when it comes to tackling the government on taxes. We each have our own specialties and expertise. So come and talk to us at Safe Harbor and let’s make certain that your taxes are the absolute minimum.