We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco. Yet it has its issues. Today almost everyone is aware that we – as a state – face a terrible water shortage. The past two winters have hardly been winters at all – they’ve been warm, and they’ve been dry. It’s made for wonderful sunny weather in San Francisco, almost “as if” we have Los Angeles climate and San Francisco’s culture.

Saving Water as Part of the San Francisco Spirit

But enough is enough! We need some rain, and we need to raise awareness of the drought in California and what we can all do to save water during this water emergency. Every little bit helps. San Francisco is a city of great civic pride and a Water and Drought in San Francisco, CA‘can do” attitude, so here are some tips and ideas on saving water during the drought –

  • Stop watering your lawn! Or, if you can’t stop watering it, cut down your water use. Think about native plants and “desert-like” landscaping. California has many native plants that are “wired” to withstand our dry climate, so go native.
  • Take shorter showers (or hey, shower with friends). Less shower time, means less water. Install low flow shower heads, and think about cutting down your shower times.
  • Run your dish washer only when full.
  • Flush your toilet less…  Or, get a low-flow toilet.  The toilet is a huge consumer of water.
  • Don’t ask for water in restaurants. It seems like a small thing, but turning down the offer of water can be a conversation-starter with your friends or family. Raise awareness of how the drought is impacting California and ask friends, family members and others to cut down on water use.

For more tips on how to save water in San Francisco during the drought emergency visit – sfwater.org.  They even have a special page where you can report water waste if you see it, here, as well as water-saving rebates and incentives. You can read about mandatory water cuts in this SF Gate article, “Water managers announce mandatory cuts.”  And to enjoy the San Francisco Bay Area water scene, visit the San Francisco Water Trail. Water is a precious resource, and enjoying it as well as saving it is a good goal for Summer, 2015.