Google+ is the latest and greatest social network from Google. First there was Facebook, then there was Twitter, then Yelp, then Pinterest, then LinkedIn… Now there’s Google+.

Most people think of tax and CPA issues as not the subject of social media, but they are. Google+ is ideal for this sort of topic – because like LinkedIn, people go to Google+ to follow experts in a subject. As the managing partner for Safe Harbor LLPs, I live and breath tax. I follow the tax regulations closely, especially to see how they will impact many of the small business and affluent clients we have at Safe Harbor LLP’s.

Google+ gives me a new mechanism to share some of that knowledge with clients and potential clients. Of course none of my writings there should be construed as professional advice, but rather as commentary and heads up on trends and things going on in the business, government, and tax world that you would be well to consider.

As always, consult your professional tax advisor or CPA to understand how a particular tax issue might impact you. No one situation is the same.

That said, Google+ like blogging gives us a new way to keep abreast of changes in the business, government, and economic climate and to share that information with other.

I hope you will follow me on Google+