December 28, 2012. Video is an incredible medium for sharing knowledge. Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP, was honored to have been contacted by industry-leader e-How to produce a series of informative tax videos for the small businessperson or salaried individual who has tax questions.

Taxes are nothing if not complicated, but Chun shares his knowledge in an easy-to-understand way about the in’s and out’s of taxes. Many San Francisco residents are both high income and high expense, and this is especially true for high net worth individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as small businesspeople.

Chun has just produced the following videos –

Safe Harbor LLP - Video Introduction to Top San Francisco CPA Firm Meet Safe Harbor LLP through our introductory video. Click here to learn more about us and meet our talented, friendly staff!
Tax Breaks for Adopting Children in San Francisco Learn about Tax Breaks for Adopting Children by Chun Wong, Managing Partner.
Safe Harbor Tax Tips for Freelance (Self-Employed in San Francisco) Learn about Tax Tips for Freelancers. Chun Wong, Managing Partner, gives tips applicable for any self-employed individual.
IRS Inquiry Letter - How the Process Works

Received an IRS Inquiry Letter? Learn about IRS Inquiries.
When to file an Amended Federal or California Tax Return

Late to file? Never filed? New tax facts or issues? Learn about The Time Period to Amend a Tax Return.
Tax Tips for Charitable Giving, High Income Individuals In San Francisco, CA

Giving to charity is one of the most rewarding things we do. Here are Tax Tips for Charitable Giving.

Tax Breaks for Secondary Education in San Francisco, CA

Investing in oneself is incredibly important. Learn as Chun Wong explains Tax Breaks for Secondary Education.
S-Corporation Tax Losses and Deductions, San Francisco, CA

When can you write off an expense as a business expense? When can losses flow thru on your S-Corporation to your personal taxes. Learn more.