Taxes! Hands up, everybody who loves taxes!

Yeah, we thought so. You all hate ‘em, don’t you? So do we. We don’t like paying taxes any more than you do.

But, as tax specialists in San Francisco, we also love ‘em! For several specialist
Not the least of these is that if there were no taxes we’d be out of a job. We would probably have to go and stack shelves at Walmart or Safeway in San Francisco. Now that’s not our idea of a fun way to spend the day, although, of course, somebody has to do it. But we earn a very nice living, thank you very much, purely because taxes exist. So, in that sense we should be very grateful to the government and the State for creating taxes.

But it gets even better. They manage to make taxes so very, very complicated. Not only are they complicated, but they keep bringing out new bits of legislation which simply makes them more complicated – and, as tax specialists, we love that!

Yes, we quite understand that, as a businessman or woman, if you had to look at all that legislation and work your way through it, your eyes would begin to glaze over within the first five minutes. But that’s another reason that we love taxes, because to us, it’s a game!

One That We Can Play And Win!

It’s a game where we can play and win. Our CPAs and tax accountants win by finding legal “loopholes” in all the complex laws. That means that we can reduce our clients’ tax bills, and that means that we won! The less tax our clients pay, the happier we are. We get pleasure out of beating these people at their own game.

They sit in their offices earning a great living out of making everyone else’s lives a misery by making things more and more complicated in the hope that people won’t spot it, and will end up paying them more tax so that they can increase their own incomes by simply confusing everyone else.

In fact, according to a recent article in Bloomberg, some 46% of Americans say that they are looking to get a refund check from the IRS this year (, so that is how many are paying too much tax. It is like giving the government a tax-free loan! That is how complicated the tax systems are.

And that is why, as San Francisco tax specialists, we love it. Every time a new piece of legislation comes out, we can be in a position where we say to a client “If we do this, and then that, and then you do this in your business, it will save you another $700 in taxes this year”.

Beating them at their own game and ensuring that every single client pays not a cent more than the law requires is what we do. And it makes us happy!