At Safe Harbor, we have mixed emotions about taxes. On the one hand, we love them. If there were no taxes, we’d be out of a job.

Tax accountant in San Francisco

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On the other hand, we hate them. We don’t like paying taxes any more than you do.

And yes, we may be CPA’s, but we have to pay taxes as well as everyone else! We don’t get any special treatment!

Love them or hate them, what we do best is understand them. Our purpose in life is to ensure that each and every one of our clients pays the absolute minimum of tax and never another cent.

As a tax accountant in San Francisco, our business is all about numbers, and that includes the numbers we charge you and the numbers we save you. We look at it like this, and you should too: if we charge you $500 to do your accounts and save you $2,000 in taxes, that’s another $1,500 profit you just made for the year. Yes, profit. It goes back on your bottom line. If we only saved you half of that, you have still made another $500 profit. What’s more, with many of our clients the tax savings can be considerably more than that.

Tax Is Complicated

Tax law is extremely complicated. It is designed by people who work for the government or the state, and governments want as much of your money to spend as they can get. You work hard for it: they take it off you and give it to John Doe. John Doe can’t be bothered to work, so he is very happy when the government gives him your money and next time around, he votes for them again. That makes those in government happy. It’s a never-ending circle. This is one of the main reasons why the tax law is so complicated and is why you need a tax accountant in San Francisco who is sharp enough to spot what is going on and can find all the loopholes.

And yes, there are loopholes. Our job as a tax accountant in San Francisco is to understand all those complicated laws so that we can find the loopholes that apply to your particular situation. Everybody’s situation is different. You could run exactly the same business as your next door neighbor and turn over exactly the same amount, and yet one of you would pay less tax than the other – assuming you have a tax accountant who is up to speed.

That’s what we are here for: to ensure that you are the one who pays less tax than the neighbor

Photo credit: milkisprotein via / CC BY