Planning for taxes is harder than ever. Between the Trump tax cuts, changes proposed by the Biden administration, and the pandemic, taxes and tax law are in huge flux not just with the IRS but here in California, too. What’s more, finding a tax planner in San Francisco isn’t easy – well at least finding a tax adviser that can handle all your issues, especially if you have international tax issues and/or are a high net worth individual. Fortunately, at Safe Harbor we have years of experience in both of these fields, and so we can help you to keep taxes to the minimum.

Tax Planning in San Francisco is a minefield
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San Francisco today is an international city, and it is quite usual to find people who have tax issues not just with the state, federal, and city taxes, but overseas as well. Many San Francisco residents have tax connections to Canada in particular, but also many other countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, and more, and if you use us as your tax planner in San Francisco we can help you with all of these because we have contacts in many other countries.

We Have Connections

We don’t claim to understand all of the tax laws of every other country, especially if it is a small one such as Lichtenstein or Malta for example. But what our best-in-class accountants do have is connections, so if we need assistance in the tax laws of another country we use our contacts there, and in turn, if they have issues with US federal or state tax laws, they will ask us for help. This way, everybody wins. Best of all, as the taxpayer, you win too.

Our aim, as ever, is to help you to reduce your tax liabilities, wherever they may exist, to the absolute minimum. We don’t like paying taxes any more than you do, and the fact is that we really get a kick out of it when we spot a loophole that can reduce a client’s tax, and which results in a big smile on his or her face. We are all happy.

Let’s face it, tax laws, especially now, are more complicated than ever, but we make it our business to keep up to date with every last change, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem. There can often be something which will not affect 99% of our clients yet can make a big difference to that 1%. That is what we do. That is why we are here.  

We are also one of the few CPA firms that specializes in international taxes and high net worth individuals that is not part of a chain. We are an independent. So that is another benefit of appointing us as your tax planner in San Francisco.