November 30, 2015 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, a top CPA firm for international tax issues including work as a San Francisco expatriate tax service , is proud to announce a new section on its blog devoted to the needs of foreign nationals living in the United States, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area. Such individuals are usually required to file taxes in both the United States and in their home country.

“We have long been known as the top-rated San Francisco international tax service,” explained Chun Wong, CPA, managing partner at Safe Harbor LLP.  “However, many mistakenly believed that we dealt only with corporations or businesses. We do many tax returns for foreign nationals, and are becoming increasingly known as the best tax service in San Francisco for expatriates or ‘expats’ as they are often called.”

Expatriate Tax ServiceTo view blog posts via the new section, visit There, one can now bookmark this location on the Web and see new posts as they are rolled out. Posts concerning expatriate tax issues, especially for Canadian residents, are planned for December and January.

Expatriate Tax Service Issues

While there are many fine tax services in San Francisco, most of the ‘big box’ and heavily advertised tax services are not set up to deal with the specific issues of expatriates working in California. San Francisco, however, is home to many foreign nationals and as a center of both finance and technology on the West Coast it is subject to the growing internationalization of world commerce. It is not uncommon for a foreign national, or expatriate as they are called, to have income in the United States, in Canada, in China, and even in Germany – all in the same tax year. For persons with those sort of complex international tax issues, it is important not to go to a general tax service. Rather, working with a specialized accounting firm like Safe Harbor LLP can yield better results. The new section on the blog gives expatriates a ‘one click’ link to view informational articles on the topic, even if they are not yet a client of the firm.

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