November marks the penultimate month of the year, and of course penultimate means ‘next to last.’ So it’s time for tax planning, especially tax planning for investors and those with investment income. Many San Francisco residents have either small business income, investment income, or income from rental properties; a lucky few have stock options that vest or are exercised; and quite a few have retirement-related or other types of related investment income opportunities. Tax planning in this month’s bulletin focuses on year-end tax planning for investors.

FBAR and San FranciscoHere’s an excerpt:

For most workers, contributing to an employer sponsored retirement plan usually is a good idea. In 2013, since passage of ATRA, making 2 full contributions to plans such as 401(k)s can be an especially valuable tactic for high-income workers who are close to retirement. These contributions reduce gross income and taxable income, thus, decreasing your exposure to all the taxes imposed on people in high brackets.

You can read more in our November, 2013 San Francisco Tax Client Bulletin (PDF format).