Yikes! April 15th is Tax Day 2022 (technically 4/18 since 4/15 is Good Friday). Are you ready? Are you freaked out? Did you reach out to a top-rated CPA firm that does individual tax returns?April 15th is here again – tax return day!

Or are you like the thousands of other people in the Bay Area who have kept saying “Oh, I’ll sort all that lot out at the weekend”? And yet the weekend comes and goes, as does the next one, and the one after that, and all those people still haven’t got down to it because it’s “tax” and it’s complicated and we don’t want to do it, so they keep putting it off.

And yet, the day of reckoning has arrived, or it will any moment now.

And that means that you have to estimate and pay those taxes by Monday April 18th, failing which, the tax man is going to be very unhappy with you.

An Extension

However, if you are breaking out into a sweat, don’t fret. Because there is a workaround, and at Safe Harbor we can file a tax return extension for you.

Yes, a tax return extension means that you can delay sending in your completed tax return, which means that we can get you some more breathing space. But that breathing space is only for filing your full tax return. It doesn’t allow you to put off making a payment.

In turn, that means that you need to make an appointment to see one of our experts right now – this minute – so that we can calculate how much you need to pay today in order to keep the IRS happy. OK, it’s not going to be an exact figure because we then have to go over all your books in order to arrive at the correct figure, and that will obviously take somewhat longer. But by filing a tax return extension for you, and you paying the estimated figure, it means that you won’t have the man from the IRS breathing down your neck, and let’s face it, that is the last thing that anybody wants.

Equally, this will give us time to go through every last detail of your taxes because, if you are like most people, you don’t want to pay a cent more than you actually have to.

That is what we do. We don’t like paying taxes any more than you do, and our job is to see to it that our clients don’t pay over the top either. (You would actually be amazed at just how many people do, in fact, pay over the odds because they try to do the return themselves thinking that it will “save” them money!).

Don’t go down that road! Use the experts at Safe Harbor.