Let’s face it. You can’t do much about sales tax in San Francisco. You have to pay it, and there is little to no way around it. San Francisco tax accountantsEven ordering from Amazon these days requires you to pay sales tax. It’s the same with property taxes. There is no way around them. So that leaves income tax. Aaah. Now that’s different! As accountants, we can minimize your income tax by giving you sound advice.

That’s because we understand the laws. And there are plenty of them. When you need an income tax accountant in San Francisco, come and talk to us. The simple fact is – if you can possibly use the word “simple” in the same sentence as “income tax” – that the tax laws are very complicated. They are complicated because over the years one law has piled on top of another as politicians suddenly have a “great idea” without remembering, or even knowing, that the latest law they are bringing in has a direct effect on another one that is already in existence.

Alternatively, there may be a change of government and the new government passes a law which reverses the one the previous government passed, but it cannot come into force for three years, or five years, or a lifetime, or whatever. It’s enough to drive you nuts! But as an income tax accountant in San Francisco, we can help you.

We DO Understand The Laws

That’s because we DO understand the laws. It’s our job to understand the law, and more importantly to keep up to date with every new law that is passed or amendments which are made to previous ones. And let’s face it. This happens all the time. No, we don’t have to keep up to date with the laws regarding cannabis, or burglary, or childcare, but we do have to keep up with the tax laws, and that’s a full-time job on its’ own! There are quite enough of those to keep us busy.

Furthermore, we also keep up to date with the laws regarding overseas income or income that you generate in the US even though you are an overseas resident. Yes, it is all very complicated, but that is what we do.

What we will guarantee you, as an income tax accountant in San Francisco, is that we will take every care to prepare your tax return for you so that you pay only the absolute minimum amount of tax that those complicated laws require. Everybody’s situation is different, but we take great pleasure in insuring that our clients pay not a cent more than the minimum.