Do you want a tax professional or a tax amateur? Are you seriously considering using Turbotax for your million-dollar business? Seriously? Or is Uncle Fred going to continue to do your taxes, which is his side gig?San Francisco tax professional.


And yet some people do. Believe it or not.

At Safe Harbor, we can understand why they do that. Rather than employ a San Francisco tax professional, such as those in our team, they would prefer to “save money” by letting Uncle Fred do their taxes for them instead.

And yes, before you ask, we are pretty certain that Uncle Fred will charge you a lot less than the sort of rates we charge for doing your taxes, so if you look at it purely from that point of view, yes – you will save money.

Or would you prefer to keep more of your money, despite the fact that we charge fair rates? After all, we are doing this for a living – not just a side gig at the weekend. So we have to make a living wage. In fact, we’ll go one better and say that we do this not just to make a living, but to make a good living. Otherwise, what’s the point?

That is why you run your own business, rather than work for someone else for a “wage”. You want to make a good living. But then, no doubt you do what you do better than anyone else. So do we.

Your products or services are better, cheaper, more effective, or whatever, which is why your customers are happy to pay you for them. And so are our services at Safe Harbor. Which is why our clients are happy to pay us for them.

Uncle Fred Will Charge You Less Than We Do

Of course, you can continue to get Uncle Fred to do your taxes, and as we said, he will charge you less than we do. But using a San Francisco tax professional will do a lot more for you than Uncle Fred ever will.


Let’s suppose that Uncle Fred charges you $500 to do your tax returns and actually manages to be fully compliant with all of the (very complex) tax laws – which change on almost a weekly basis. Great. Job done. And you write out a check for $102,347.48 to the IRS.

Now let’s suppose that you use us instead. As a San Francisco tax professional, our accountant charges you $2,750.00. Oh wow! No wonder you keep using Uncle Fred!

However, what if our tax professional finds that Uncle Fred has been missing something that would have saved you a chunk of tax over the last few years and you now get a tax refund of $19,622.09?

That is what we are about at Safe Harbor. We are professionals, and as a result, we never miss a trick.

Still want to carry on using Uncle Fred??