Safe Harbor CPAs and Tax Consultants proudly specializes in personal income tax preparation in the San Francisco, Inner Sunset, Inner Richmond, the South Bay Area, North Bay Area, East Bay Area, Peninsula, and the Financial District and around the world with our state of the art secure file transfer system. We also offer another state of the art system where you can securely enter your personal information with a “question and answer – fill in the blanks” set of forms. When you complete this we will have most if not all of what we need to prepare your personal income tax return.
Both of these systems are fully compliant and approved by the U.S. Treasury and the IRS.
At Safe Harbor CPAs and Tax Consultants, we keep up with all of the many changes in the tax laws so we can get the maximum deductions allowed to you. This means you will pay the least amount of income taxes possible. As your personal income tax preparer we work harder for you to reduce your taxes paid and we guarantee that we will assist you in case you are selected to be audited. As your income tax preparation specialist we make sure your audit goes smoothly and that you would be relieved of a great deal of stress.

Our Individual Income Tax Preparation is an easy and straightforward process. Our tax specialists are trained to work with a variety of income tax situations. Regardless of the complexity of your individual income tax return, our income tax preparers are highly trained in federal, multi-state and even international tax matters.

We cater to each individual’s tax preparation needs ensuring that your personal income tax return is electronically filed with the IRS, accurate and timely filed. At Safe Harbor CPAs and Tax Consultants, we make sure tax credits are used to your advantage so you receive a maximum refund. We work harder for you!

Please call, email, drop us a note or come by our office for a RISK-FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation TODAY because we Are Your San Francisco Bay Area CPA’s and we Work Harder For You!