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San Francisco Tax Preparation / CPA: Busy tax agenda awaits Congress’ return after August recess

Congress returns to work in September with a full agenda of tax legislation. Lawmakers will search for revenue to pay for a long-term federal highway and transportation bill, debate the fate of popular but temporary tax breaks, and decide on a funding level for the IRS. As passage of the Surface Transportation Act in late […]

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San Francisco Tax Preparation / CPA: Developments continue to impact the mortgage interest deduction

The mortgage interest deduction is widely used by the majority of individuals who itemize their deductions. In fact, the size of the average mortgage interest deduction alone persuades many taxpayers to itemize their deductions. It is not without cause, therefore, that two recent developments impacting the mortgage interest deserve being highlighted. These developments involve new […]

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San Francisco Tax Preparation / CPA: IRS launches Early Interaction Initiative to maintain payroll tax compliance

The IRS has announced that it has developed a new initiative to remind employers of their payroll tax obligations and to prevent the pyramiding of missed deposits. The Early Interaction Initiative will make expanded use of federal tax deposit alerts (FTD Alerts) to help taxpayers maintain payroll tax compliance. Comment. Many employers use payroll service […]

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San Francisco Tax Tips Newsletter on Estate & Retirement Planning Released by Safe Harbor CPAs

Safe Harbor LLP, a top San Francisco CPA and Accounting Firm, is proud to release their October newsletter with a focus on estate and retirement planning issues for San Francisco Bay Area residents.

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San Francisco New Business Formation: A Reference List

Updated: September 25, 2015. San Francisco, as we are sure you know, is a hotbed of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to be the next Pinterest, or even the next Twitter (despite its current problems, including the lack of a CEO). Some “just” want to open up the latest new San Francisco restaurant, or dream of being […]

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San Francisco Tax Tips – October, 2015 – Newsletter

Happy October! October is really in the “thick” of Fall, so here it comes. And that’s not just Halloween.

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