There are approximately 200,000 businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and around half of all employees work for the smallest businesses. It is only a generalization, but broadly speaking people work for a large corporation, a public entity, or a small business.

San Francisco CPA Firms

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There are large firms of accountants and CPAs and there are smaller ones. At Safe Harbor LLP we are a small accounting firm in San Francisco– or as we like to think of it “boutique” – San Francisco accounting firm, and we believe that because of that we can offer a much more personal service to our clients than the larger firms of accountants. Certainly, if you opt for one of the larger companies you will usually deal with one or two people, but they very often have a large turnover of staff so you may well find yourself having to form a new relationship every so often.

However, at Safe Harbor – as a boutique San Francisco accounting firm – our CPAs have been here for years, and most of us will stay until we retire. This means that we get to know our clients very well, and it also saves time because we know how your business works and the tax legislation with which you have to deal. In turn this means that when we are dealing with your accounts the time-saving is reflected in the lower fees that you pay us. It’s a win-win situation – we save time and you save money.

Many Clients Are Small Businesses Or Individuals in SF

Certainly, we have some very large San Francisco businesses as our clients, but many of our clients are small family businesses who are in need of expert advice when it comes to their tax returns. We also have expertise in international tax issues, including ex-pat tax returns, and higher income individuals. Many people in San Francisco are affluent “tech workers” who have high salaries and stock options, and it is our job to ensure that every one of our clients pays the minimum amount of tax however much they may earn.

We also speak French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese, so we can assist you with your tax returns if you speak one of these languages and have little English. Our motto is “We work harder for you” by which we mean that we endeavor to keep the burden of dealing with the IRS or FTB off you while at the same time keeping you fully informed of what is going on every step of the way. As a small San Francisco accounting firm we are more like a family, and that’s the way we like it. Our clients seem to like it, too.

Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz via / CC BY