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If You Have to Pay International Taxes, Coronavirus Has Complicated It

Filed in CPA Blog by on July 3, 2020

International taxes have always been complicated, especially if you have liabilities in several different countries as well as in the US. You could be a permanent resident of the US and still have tax liabilities in Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, or anywhere else, and they all have different rules.

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Safe Harbor LLP Announces New Career Opportunities for Best-in-Class CPAs and Accountants in San Francisco, California

Filed in CPA Blog by on June 30, 2020

San Francisco, California – June 29, 2020. Safe Harbor LLP, a top-rated CPA firm based in the Bay Area, is proud to announce new career opportunities for best-in-class accountants. The firm offers excellent pay and benefits as well as the opportunity to work at a fun, fast-paced CPA firm in San Francisco that aims to […]

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At Safe Harbor, We Work Hard to Be the Best CPA Firm for You

Filed in CPA Blog by on June 7, 2020

There are a lot of San Francisco CPA firms. There are big ones downtown. There are smaller firms throughout the city. There are one-man and one-woman shops that are “virtual” and either home offices or just digital.

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If You Want to Work for the City of San Francisco, You May Need Audited Financials

Filed in CPA Blog by on December 3, 2019

If you run any sort of business and you want to apply to work for the City of San Francisco, be assured that they will usually want to see audited accounts before they will offer you any work.

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Safe Harbor LLP, a Top-rated Professional CPA Firm in San Francisco, Announces New Post on Business Tax Return Preparation as 2019 Comes to an End

Filed in CPA Blog by on November 26, 2019

San Francisco, California – November 26, 2019. Safe Harbor LLP, an expert team of CPA’s in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new post for the Bay Area business community, specifically a newly updated page on business tax return preparation and steps to take as the year ends.

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It’s Not Easy to Find a Best-in-class CPA Firm in San Francisco (We Can Help)

Filed in CPA Blog by on July 26, 2019

It is not easy to find a good San Francisco CPA, partly because there is a booming entrepreneur sector which “gobbles up” a lot of the best CPA’s. Another reason is the cost of living in San Francisco.

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A California Start-up Needs an CPA that Gets Start-Ups

Filed in CPA Blog by on July 4, 2019

California, and especially San Francisco, but not only San Francisco, is home to very many start-up businesses. Los Angeles is too, as is the whole of Orange County. However, with the magic of the internet you can have your start-up in Orange County and still work with us at Safe Harbor as a California start-up […]

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A Start Up CPA Firm for your Bay Area Start Up Company

Filed in CPA Blog by on May 15, 2019

As a Bay Area start-up CPA, we love to see business start-ups in the Bay Area, especially when they involve something new and innovative, which they often do here in Silicon Valley. It’s great to see people being enterprising and inventing something new, building it, and taking it to market.

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San Francisco’s Top Tax CPA Firm, Safe Harbor LLP Announces Call for Business Tax Preparation

Filed in CPA Blog by on April 30, 2019

San Francisco, California – April 30, 2019. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the best accounting and CPA firms in San Francisco for businesses and corporations, is proud to announce a call for business tax preparation. With tax season behind us, the firm is encouraging San Francisco businesses to reach out for in-depth consultations on […]

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Safe Harbor LLP of San Francisco Announces Key Efforts on Last Minute Tax Preparation Services for Business and Individuals

Filed in CPA Blog by on March 5, 2019

San Francisco, California – March 3, 2019. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the top tax CPA firms in San Francisco, California, is announcing three key outreach efforts at tax deadlines loom. With mid-March the deadline for business returns and mid-April the deadline for individual returns, the firm is working hard to maximize outreach to […]

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