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When It Comes to Taxes, You Can Choose a Professional Tax Advisor or an Amateur

Filed in CPA Blog by on October 4, 2020

OK. Maybe that sounds like a silly question. But the fact is that quite a number of people choose a tax amateur to do their tax return rather than a tax professional because it “saves money”. Or so they think.

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COVID-19 Has Resulted in Tax Changes, so You Need an Up-To-Date Tax Advisor in San Francisco

Filed in CPA Blog by on April 24, 2020

Small business has had a rough time of it lately. The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down many San Francisco small businesses.

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Here We Are in the New Year Again, and It’s Time to Do Those Tax Returns

Filed in CPA Blog by on March 3, 2020

We’ve done Thanksgiving. Overstuffed ourselves at Christmas and other winter holidays. Done New Year’s drinking, and now it’s time to “get serious.”

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We Don’t Know Anyone who Loves Taxes. We Hate Them Too!

Filed in CPA Blog by on August 8, 2019

TAX! That word is only three letters long, yet it is probably the most hated word in the US. Seriously, have you ever met anyone who just loves to pay tax? Neither have we at Safe Harbor, as a leading tax CPA, SF. What’s more, WE have to pay tax as well!

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US Taxes Plus Overseas Income Equals You Need Expat Tax Return Prep

Filed in CPA Blog by on April 6, 2019

Everybody knows that the US tax system is complicated. It is designed to be complicated, so that you don’t find out all the loopholes, and therefore the government gets more revenue as a result.

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The Trump Tax Plan: What It Means to You, What You Need to Do

Filed in CPA Blog by on February 14, 2019

We live in exciting times, well, at least exciting times for those of us who do taxes. Last year, Congress and the President approved one of the most important changes to US tax law in a long, long time. Well, that means that 2018 was the first year that this new tax law was in […]

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Safe Harbor LLP Announces Tips for Finding the Best Tax Preparation Service in San Francisco

Filed in CPA Blog by on December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, long considered one of the leading CPA firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and in California for businesses, corporations, and startups as well as high net worth individuals, is proud to announce a forward-looking blog post on how to find the best tax preparation […]

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The Trump Tax Changes: State and Local Tax Deductions are Up in the Air

Filed in CPA Blog by on June 5, 2018

Yahoo Finance reports that more and more people are anxious about the changes to whether state and/or local taxes will be deductible under the new tax law. The short answer is “it depends.” We’re fielding a lot of questions in our office from concerned high income San Francisco residents as well as business owners about […]

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Business Tax Changes for California Businesses in the New Tax Law: a San Francisco Perspective

Filed in CPA Blog by on April 20, 2018

Editor’s Note. The new tax law makes big changes in how businesses are taxed, and which forms of business organization are the most advantageous.

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Safe Harbor CPAs, a Leading Corporate and Business Tax Service in San Francisco, Announces Blog Series on New Tax Changes

Filed in CPA Blog by on February 3, 2018

San Francisco, California – February 1, 2018. Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the best business and corporate tax services in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new series to its blog on the Trump tax changes. Businesses and corporations throughout California and the San Francisco Bay Area are keen to understand the new […]

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