As a Bay Area start-up CPA, we love to see business start-ups in the Bay Area, especially when they involve something new and innovative, which they often do here in Silicon Valley. It’s great to see people being enterprising and inventing something new, building it, and taking it to market.Bay Area start-ups CPA Firm

However, here is a word of advice if you are staring a new business and will need a Bay Area start-up CPA: come and talk to us very early in the proceedings. We totally understand that probably the last thing on your mind when you are starting a new business is how much tax you will have to pay, but the unfortunate reality is that you WILL have to pay tax when you start making a profit, and after all that is why you are starting in business: to make a profit.

Starting Your Bay Area Startup On The Right Foot Makes Things A Lot Easier

The truth of the matter is that if you start off on the right foot your tax affairs will be a lot simpler to sort out than if you leave it for a couple of years when you have a dozen employees and a factory working for twelve hours a day. Furthermore, as a Bay Area start-up CPA we can see that you do get off on the right foot, because we can give you a lot of advice about the financial side of your business. It all becomes a lot easier when you set things up the right way from the outset rather than having to sort out a mess later on.

Let’s face it: most people don’t like doing paperwork and dealing with figures anyway, especially when you have your new product to create and build. On the other hand, we love to get stuck in and sort out figures. Certainly, you have to pay tax, but our job is to make certain that you pay the absolute minimum: why give money to the tax man if you don’t have to? You are working hard to earn it, and it is only fair that you keep as much of it as you can in order to spend on further developing your growing business, and hopefully enjoying your leisure time.

As your CPA, we don’t just juggle figures about, either. We are also experts on every last dot and comma of tax law, which is how we manage to save our clients so much money. Unless you are an expert, you may not know that you could charge a certain item up as a business expense rather than something different. One way you would pay tax on it, and the other you wouldn’t. As professional CPA’s, we understand all these perfectly legal loopholes and can help you to take advantage of them.