SF is a fun town. It’s not really that big; it has fewer people by far than Los Angeles or even San Jose. It punches above its weight, however, when it comes to business. It’s a vibrant town for start-ups, for example. It’s a vibrant town for banking. And it’s a vibrant town for international business. And if you need an accountant for business in SF that punches above its’ weight, then you need us at Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor - CPA’s who punch above their weight.

To punch above your weight means to achieve something that might seem beyond your capabilities. It probably comes from boxing, since a lightweight who managed to knock out a middleweight could be deemed to be punching above his weight.

We Take On The IRS And Win!

In accountancy, it can be thought of as taking on the IRS and winning. That is what we do for our clients at Safe Harbor as an accountant for business in SF. We hate paying taxes and we don’t believe anyone should ever pay a cent more than the law demands. However, the tax laws are very complicated, and the way that they work will vary from one person to another.

So, for example, you may be able to change something to fit in with the tax laws that will let you pay less, or no, tax on something. As a simple example, you might be trading as an individual when it would save you taxes if you registered your business as an LLC or a C Corporation or an S Corporation. We take a look at the way that you are trading to see if there are better ways of doing the same thing so that you can reduce your tax liabilities.

The tax laws for high net-worth individuals can indeed be punitive, and you have unique tax issues, especially in a high tax state such as California. We keep abreast of all the very latest changes in tax laws so that you don’t have to. In other words, when you run a business, it’s your job to increase your turnover and profits, and as a tax accountant for business in SF it is ours to keep your tax liability down. You can leave us to worry about that.

Furthermore, it is very common for many businessmen in the Bay Area to have tax liabilities in other states, and often overseas as well. This can mean that there are opportunities to reduce taxes by taking advantage of different tax rates in different states, and so on. You run your business and leave us to take care of the details.