If you run any sort of business and you want to apply to work for the City of San Francisco, be assured that they will usually want to see audited accounts before they will offer you any work.Audited Financial Statements in San Francisco

What, exactly, are audited financial statements? They are accounts that have been approved by a qualified firm of accountants, which – at Safe Harbor – we are. We can carry out an audited financial statement preparation in San Francisco so that you can present it to the City in order that you obtain work from them.

It is no good doing your own accounts and presenting them to the City, because they have no way of knowing whether or not they are accurate. If you are a builder, an electrician, a food manufacturer, an engineer, run a care home, or one of any other hundreds of different businesses, you are not a qualified accountant. Even if you have your accounts done by an accountant who is NOT acceptable to the City, you have the same problem. They need to know that your accounts are accurate before they will give you business, and that is as it should be.

A Fine Toothed Comb: Let us Prepare Your Audited Financial Statements

When we carry out an audited financial statement preparation in San Francisco for you, we go through your accounts with a fine toothed comb in order to insure that they are accurate. When we accept that your accounts are correct, the City will do so as well. Then, and only then, will they consider providing you with work that they need carried out. They need to know that you are a stable and reliable business.

Of course, it is a lot easier if you have Safe Harbor carry out all your accounting and tax preparation in the first place, because that way you don’t need to have it done twice. It may sound a bit harsh, but if you have an accountant who is not acceptable to the City do your books for you, it means that you then have to pay for us – or a similarly acceptable CPA – to check them over. If you choose us as your accountants, then you automatically have an audited financial statement preparation in San Francisco because it is basically one and the same thing.

In other words, you don’t need your accounts done twice, but just once. That makes a lot of sense because you only pay once instead of twice! In order to check accounts that you have done yourself or that have been done by an unacceptable accountant, we have to go over everything again so that we can approve them for the City. Doing it once is a lot easier – and costs less too.