Safe Harbor LLP, a cross-border tax specialist service with a strong focus on United States residency issues for Canadian citizens, is proud to announce that it has issued an easy-to-understand bulletin on cross-border residency issues for Canadian citizens.

“Many Canadian citizens end up moving to the high-tech San Francisco Bay Area” explained Chun Wong, CPA, managing partner at safe Harbor LLP. “As a top-rated international tax CPA firm, we get many inquiries on cross-border tax issues, especially for Canadian citizens. Therefore, we have issues an easy-to-understand bulletin.”

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Cross-Border Specialists and Canadian Residency Issues

Not surprisingly, both the United States and Canada would like to heavily tax their residents for income earned not only in the country of residence but abroad. With Canada’s high tax rates, it is very important for Canadian residents who are moving into the United States to take steps to mitigate their tax burdens.Cross Border Tax Specialist Among the strategies are to strategically choose residency for tax purposes. Each government has a unique set of rules and regulations that determine residency, as well as the tax implications of what income is earned where and how. In some cases, it is not advantageous to fill out official voluntary forms about residency, but rather to wait until an actual audit or inquiry is requested. Using a cross-border specialist such as Safe Harbor LLP is advantageous, as a cross-border specialist can give advice as to what to do, and what not to do, to claim residency in the most efficacious manner.

With connections between the United States and Canada growing closer every day, more and more Canadian citizens are spending extended periods of time working in the United States. And a growing number are also moving, permanently, into the United States. In all cases, mitigating the tax bite of dual residency issues is a top priority.

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