There are a lot of accountants in San Francisco, and many of the “big boys” brag about how cheap their rates are. Unfortunately, some people think that all accountants are the same, all doing the same job, and therefore why not choose the cheapest?

 Tax service in San Francisco

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When you are looking for a tax service in San Francisco this is really not the right way to go about it. The most important thing is to get an accountant who will get your tax return right and keep your liability to the absolute minimum. Certainly, you may save $300 0r $400 choosing one firm over another, but if the cheaper firm misses something and you finish up paying $5,000 more than you should in tax you haven’t really saved any money, have you?

At Safe Harbor LLP we chose our name with great care. Our tax service in San Francisco is second to none because we take a very great pride in getting it RIGHT from the word go and we truly care that our clients pay not a cent more to the IRS than they should. We really do go the extra mile to ensure that you are safe. After all, the IRS is only interested in how much money they can claim from you, and as far as they are concerned it is a case of the more the better.

Another Very Important Point

There is another very important point to consider and that is that with the “big boys” you will usually find that you are not dealing with one of the partners in the firm, but simply an accountant who is an employee. If that employee misses something and you finish up in trouble with the IRS it is not the employee who is going to suffer the consequences – it is his employer. At Safe Harbor you are always dealing with one of the partners of the firm, and it is OUR reputation that is on the line, which is just one more reason why we take every care to see that your tax return is correct to the last cent.

No, we are not the “cheapest” accountants in San Francisco (and we are not the most expensive either). The goal of our tax service in San Francisco is to get it right every time. If that means that we need to put in an extra hour here or make a check on an obscure piece of legislation there, so be it.

What would you prefer? Cheap, or absolutely correct? We think we know your answer.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via / CC BY