With respect, we would suggest that you want the best tax accountant, and that may not necessarily be a tax accountant near you. Of course, it could be, but then again it may very well not be.The best CPA is not necessarily the one “near you”.

If you think about it seriously, you don’t want someone just because they are a tax accountant near you. You want the best tax accountant, and he, or she, may not necessarily be near you. Their firm could well be in another city besides our beloved San Francisco, entirely.

We would suggest that what you really want, deep down, is the tax accountant who is going to save you the most amount of money and make absolutely certain that you pay not a cent more in tax than the law requires. Let’s face it: today, we have the internet. We have things like Skype and Zoom. What that means is that if the best tax accountant for you is based 500 miles away, it really doesn’t matter. You don’t need to go to a physical office because you can hold a meeting online.

OK, you may have physical books in your business that the accountant needs to work on, but you can send them securely by over the Internet. So, if your business is based in Florida, and your accountant is based in San Francisco, as we are at Safe Harbor, it truly isn’t a problem.

Which One Would You Rather Use?

Look at this another way: if your business is in Florida and there is a tax accountant in the next street who does your books and you finish up having to pay $26,000 in tax, or there is another tax accountant in San Francisco and you end up paying $17,600 in tax, which one would you rather use? Always assuming that the fees that they charge are round about the same, the answer is obvious, isn’t it?

So, you don’t need a tax accountant near you. You need the best tax accountant. That is the accountant who absolutely hates taxes and at the same time loves them.

Strange? Maybe. But at Safe Harbor we hate taxes, and we love them. We hate them because we have to pay them ourselves. (Yes, even we finish up having to pay taxes!). But we also love taxes because we get a great big kick out of doing a client’s books and knowing that we have reduced the amount of tax that client has to pay to the absolute minimum.

“Not a cent more than necessary” is our mantra.