The City of San Francisco is an enormous business opportunity!  For a city of its size, San Francisco has quite a large public budget (over 6 billion dollars), and given the “good times” that have set in in San Francisco, the city again has enough cash to spend on goods and services. If you are a business anywhere in California, and especially if you are a local business here in the City of San Francisco, doing business with the city can be a great idea.

Doing Business With the City of San Francisco: Audited FinancialsThat’s the good news.

What’s the bad news, you ask.

Well, doing business with a public government entity isn’t exactly easy. There are many regulatory requirements to fulfill, not the least of them in many cases the need for “audited financials.”  We can help with that aspect because as an independent CPA Firm, we can help. But rather than focus on that issue, we thought it wise to give some links to resources on doing business with the City and County of San Franciso, California. Here goes –

Those are a few of the official resources. There are numerous non-official resources as well. For example, San Francisco Small Business Week is upon us, and you can read about it here. For a more skeptical view, you can read this article on why doing business with San Francisco is so difficult.

And, if you are big enough and need the services of a CPA firm that can help with audited financials for anyone doing business with the City and County of San Francisco, give us a call.