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If You Need a Bank Loan You are Going to Need Safe Harbor First for Audited Financial Statements

Filed in CPA Blog by on August 17, 2019

Most businesses, at some time or another in their lives, are going to need a bank loan. It could be for a number of reasons. Expansion is one. You might need to take on more staff and move to a bigger office.

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Making a Great First Impression: A CPA that Does Audited Financials in San Francisco

Filed in CPA Blog by on December 7, 2016

Anyone who does business in San Francisco knows networking is the name of the game.

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Safe Harbor CPAs Releases Post on ‘Power of Audited Financials’ for San Francisco Businesses

Filed in CPA Blog by on September 2, 2016

San Francisco, California – September 2, 2016. Safe Harbor LLP, a top San Francisco accounting firm serving businesses and corporations as well as individuals, is proud to announce a lively post to its blog on the ‘Power of Audited Financials.’ Audited financial statements are often needed by businesses seeking to do business with the City […]

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The Power of Audited Financials: Supercharge Your Business Attraction

Filed in CPA Blog by on August 14, 2016

People like to tease accountants that our business is boring. Well, my goodness, we think that jobs such as movie star or governor of California might be boring to us. We love numbers! We love forms! And we love audited financial statements! Now, if you have happened to land upon this blog post, it stands […]

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Doing Business with the City of San Francisco: Resources

Filed in CPA Blog by on June 12, 2015

The City of San Francisco is an enormous business opportunity!  For a city of its size, San Francisco has quite a large public budget (over 6 billion dollars), and given the “good times” that have set in in San Francisco, the city again has enough cash to spend on goods and services.

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Audited Financial Statements Clarification Issued by San Francisco CPA Firm, Safe Harbor LLP

Filed in CPA Blog by on December 31, 2014

Safe Harbor LLP (https://www.safeharborcpa.com/), a San Francisco Bay Area accounting firm providing audited financial statement services, is proud to announce that it has issued an easy-to-understand clarification for Bay Area businesses on audited financial statements. “Many small businesses expand to the point that the need ‘audited financial statements,’ but are not sure what this entails,” […]

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Audited Financial Statements and Doing Business in San Francisco

Filed in CPA Blog by on December 21, 2014

Many San Francisco businesses come to us needing “audited financial statements.” They aren’t sure why, and sometimes they aren’t even sure what an “audited financial statement” is.  In this blog post, let’s discuss what “audited financial statements” are, and why your business might need them.  First, what are “audited financial statements?” Audited Financial Statements Well, […]

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FASB Fair Value Measurement and Disclosures: New Standards Explained

Filed in CPA Blog by on April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013. Executive Summary. FASB has issued new standards for public and private companies on fair value (FV) measurement and disclosures. Many of our San Francisco business clients are inquiring about these new standards, and so we thought a timely blog post would help clarify. The new requirements — found in Accounting Standards Update […]

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New Due Diligence Audited Financials Service for San Francisco Businesses Announced by Safe Harbor LLP and G&J Seiberlich

Filed in CPA Blog by on November 30, 2012

November 26, 2012. San Francisco, CA. Safe Harbor LLP, a top San Francisco CPA firm for Due Diligence & Audited Financials, along with G&J Seiberlich, a leading Napa, California, CPA firm, have announced enhanced services aimed at the due diligence and audited financial needs of businesses involved in mergers and acquisitions. Audited financials are generally […]

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