The Chinese proverb that you will “live in interesting times,” is certainly applicable to living in California in the late 20th century and early 21st century. We’ve been through the rise of the Internet and dot com bubble, as well as the struggling years of the Bush administration, and then the financial collapse of 2008-2009. Now – it seems – we’re back in bubble territory, as San Francisco’s economy is red hot.

We have many clients who are getting up in the years, and looking for investment and financial planning strategies. This all falls under the rubric of ‘estate planning,’ of which taxes are a critical part.

San Francisco Tax Tips and Investment in US Treasuries

Our monthly San Francisco Tax Tips bulletin has an informative article about investing in US Treasuries. They’re a very conservative investment, paying a very low interest rate yet having the security of full backing by the US Government. As an estate planning and taxation tool they offer exemption from state and local taxes.

But it’s a lot, lot more complicated than just getting a secure return on investment. You have many San Francisco Estate Planning Tipsinvestment choices and US Treasuries should probably be part of the mix; but whether you hold these in a tax-deferred account, or not, you need to look at your total financial and tax picture.

We are not investment advisers, but as your tax adviser we can (and should) be part of your team when it comes to estate planning. The tax implications of how you setup your estate can be daunting. Similarly, the tax implications of how you transfer assets to the younger generation are also daunting. So your best investment choice is often to reach out to a tax professional early in the estate planning process.

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