California is one of the most heavily “foreign” places in America. Many people are immigrants. Many are here to work but want to retain their foreign citizenship. From LA to SF, we see many people at Safe Harbor who have international tax needs, including expatriate tax return preparation in California.expatriate tax return preparation

The good news is that we can help you because we have multiple contacts in many different countries, so we can help you with expatriate tax return preparation in California. What this means is that if there is something that is complicated for an individual resident in California, but who has retained, say, Italian or Chinese or UK citizenship, we work with key firms of accountants in those and many other countries who will be able to answer our questions. Of course, it also works the other way around, because when they have something involving US federal taxes or state taxes, we help them with the answers that they need.

Of course, you may be an American citizen who has overseas interests. We have quite a number of clients who have income in Canada, for instance. In cases such as that, we know most of the Canadian tax laws ourselves, but we do also have contacts there if there is something tricky. Our aim is always, along with our colleagues overseas, to keep our clients’ tax payments down to the minimum possible, no matter where the income originates.

Businesses In Different States

You may also own a business, or for that matter several businesses, here in the US but either based in, or with branches in, different states where the tax laws vary.

It may also be the case that you live for part of the year here in the Bay Area and spend the rest of the time in your country of origin. That again will have an effect on how and where you pay your taxes. You will need expatriate tax return preparation in California for the amount that you need to pay in federal and state taxes here, and then there will be a separate situation for the time that you spend in your home country. And, if you have tax exposure across US states our team of multistate taxation experts can help with that as well.

It is a fact that everyone’s situation is different, depending upon how and where their income derives, and in which country or countries they are obliged to pay taxes.

Our over-riding consideration at all times is that no matter where you have income and where you may have to pay taxes, the overall amount that you pay has to be as little as possible according to the laws of each individual country or state.